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The New Futures

Although the words "pop" and "Seattle" are not usually referenced in the same sentence, this should change: Meet The New Futures, a Seattle-based band whose jubilant grooves, power pop paradigms and compelling authenticity spin dazzling musical beams through an opaque drizzle.

"Is there something for everyone?" sings the charismatic and irrepressible front man Sammy J. Riddle in the band's song "Twilight." Driven, fascinated and self-taught, as a singer Sammy J. has "pulled from everything to sound like myself."

He built this band from his boyhood bond with multi-instrumentalist Chip Reno (bass, backup vocals, and keys.) Rounding out the assembly is Gustavo Carmo (guitar, backup vocals) a Brazilian-born discipline of guitar techniques with a supportive sense of sound and impact who has been enlisted for a Brazilian tour with legendary axman Vinnie Moore (UFO). And distinguished by his metronomic instincts and entertaining eccentricity, there is drummer Robert Ray Baker Jr. "Not a dull dude," observes Sammy.

Unexpected tonalities color the band's sound. But aural interludes and a stripper bar sax notwithstanding, the band's single-titled songs "Sunshine" and "Ocean" are hung on big hooks, bolstered by epic choruses and propelled by sterling musicality

All the band members are on the same proverbial page. "Classic stuff, vintage techniques, and quality musicianship," says Sammy J. " I love capturing the real moment in the performance, and not artificially creating something. The New Futures has a vintage twist distilled into new musical models. "

As a young teen, Sammy J. remembers, "I stopped getting in trouble and went straight-edge. And when I started writing I had something to say." A creator of songs both physical and cerebral, he takes breaks in between writing to recharge. "I live my life; reshape and grow. When I revisit the music it's a time capsule of those six months to capture where I'm at in the moment. Where I've developed or grown, or abandoned ideas or wanted to push the envelope."

The New Futures is also a roots-driven live enterprise, with a live show supported by a loyal troupe of longtime fans and extended family members. But lately, thanks to social media perhaps, more high school girls are bolstering the band's dedicated fan base.

There is a buzz on The New Futures; a shared history, a very viable present, and as their name would indicate, imminent anticipation of what is to come. "On physical, mental, emotional and performance levels I have chiseled away at it," says Sammy J. "There's no negativity. This is the reality."

- Dan Kimpel



The Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle


The Crocodile, Seattle


The High Dive, Seattle

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